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What our clients say about us...

What our clients say about us...

All Seasons Heating and Cooling focuses on helping our customers achieve the level of comfort they deserve and desire. Our technical skills and customer service skills exceed expectations. With each service call we ask our clients to let us know how we did. Here is just a sample of the written testimonials we have received.

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What our clients have to say:

09/09/2016 -I appreciate you coming out quickly and being able to take care of my unit when I was unable to be there,due to being at work.- Mrs. P.A., Chesapeake

07/13/2016 - Thank you for coming out so quickly and being so professional. I really appreciate that you pushed to come out and get me up and running again. - Mr. F.M., Norfolk

04/07/2015 - I have been a customer of All seasons since 2003, they have always provided me excellent and prompt service. John M. really takes his time and explains what he is doing when performing service on my equipment and provides excellent energy tips. - Mr D.E., Virginia Beach

03/09/2015 - All Seasons takes care of the rental property that me and my family lived at, when we bought our home our first choice regarding maintenance on our heating and coolling system is All Seasons! We are always happy with the service from all the employees. - Mr. S.K., Virginia Beach

02/17/2015 - I have been a customer of All Seasons a long time and when I need someone to come out when there is a problem almost everytime a technician is here the same day. Great service! - J.L., Chesapeake, VA

01/22/2015 - John did such a good job and is so knowledgeable and effiecient. He explained everything to me so it was easy to understand. I did not feel he was pushing unneeded sales on me. All of the staff at All Seasons is very pleasant and friendly. - Ms. S.W., Virginia Beach, VA

12/15/2014 - The technician provided lots of good information about heating and cooling systems. Very helpful! - Mrs. A.J., Chesapeake, VA

12/11/2014 - John was very pleasant, thorough and provided me plenty of money saving tips! - Mr. D.P., Chesapeake, VA

12/04/2014 - Your technician was very patient while I asked many questions. He was able to provide very helpful information on how to lower my utility bills. - Mr. D.M., Chesapeake, VA

12/01/14 - All Seasons has always been prompt, professional and courteous; explaining what they are doing as they are servicing my equipment. - Ms. G.W., Virginia Beach, VA

11/12/2014 - Your technicians are always friendly and professional. - Mr. P.W., Chesapeake, VA

11/06/2014 - The technician was very helpful, he explained everything he was doing while here. Keep up the great work! Mr. D.U., Virginia Beach

10/27/2014 - Anytime I call All Seasons for a service call, the time to get a technician dispatch is usually the same day. I love how quick you respond to my needs. V.J., Virginia Beach

10/14/2014 - John came and performed my precision tune-up, explaining what he was doing and giving me helpful tips. L.S., Virginia Beach

10/06/2014 - Everytime one of your technicians are here they listen to my concerns and provide very helpful information. Mrs. K.K., Virginia Beach

09/29/2014 - Your technicians are very knowledgeable and give great advice on any of my concerns. Mr.R.D., Chesapeake

09/23/2014 -All Seasons has the best technicians, to service my equipment. Extremely pleasant and helpful! Ms. A.B., Virginia Beach

09/09/2014 - Since I have been a customer with All Seasons, service has always been very professional, Thank you for your great work! Mrs.C.L, Virginia Beach

08/19/2014- Your technician John is very pleasant and knowledgeable, he takes time to listen to my concerns and gives me helpful advice. Mr.O, Virginia Beach

8/1/13- You always contact me and let me know when it is time for my precision tune up. You have courteous and friendly staff in the office and technicians. Ms. M.F., Virginia Beach

7/29/13-Your service is always excellent. Jeff was very thorough when he came to perform a tune up at my home. Keep up the great work! Ms. C.J., Chesapeake

7/26/13-I was referred to your company by a relative. After experiencing first hand the professionalism and friendliness of your company, I completely understanding and will be referring all my friends and family to All Seasons. Ms. M.G., Chesapeake

7/19/13- Technicians are always courteous whenever a precision tune up is performed or service work performed. Ms. G.W., Virginia Beach

7/18/13- Great Service--professional staff!! Mr. P.O., Chesapeake

7/12/13- You all are so good in every aspect who could ask for more. Thank You! Mr. and Mrs. J.W., Virginia Beach

7/5/13- I have been doing business with you for the past 10 years. Great Company! Thank You! Mr. G.D., Virginia Beach

7/2/13- Thank You! You are a great company!! Ms. D.G., Virginia Beach

6/11/13-Jeff is very thorough, helpful, and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work! Ms. N.F., Virginia Beach

6/11/13-Jeff and Jake are thorough and polite. I called for a service call and the next day they followed up with me to make sure that the unit was still cooling and that I was happy. Everyone there is always so helpful. Mr. D.P., Chesapeake

6/7/13-Your technicians are always thorough and helpful with any questions that I have when they perform a precision tune-up on my system. Ms. J.L., Virginia Beach

6/1/13-Thanks! Everything was great as usual. Ms. L.C., Virginia Beach

5/30/13-I called All Seasons because I was having a problem with my heat pump. Jeff returned my call within 5 mins and told me he would be there in 20 minutes and he arrived in 10 minutes. Unfotunately, the part I needed was a factory part. They called me the next morning and returned and installed the part. They explained every step of the process with me. I knew what I was getting for my money. I was so appreciative. I signed up for a maintenance contract and plan on being a life long customer. Thank You! Ms. B.T., Chesapeake

5/21/13-I called All Seasons because I was having an issue with my Geothermal system. Jeff arrived promptly and explained to me the problem. They gave me several solutions to the problem and not just what they felt was best for me. I like the fact that I had options and could make my own decision. I will be having All Seasons perform all the work to my Geothermal systems now. Mr. C.B., Chesapeake

5/13/13-I recently purchased a home in the area. I called All Seasons because my AC was not working. Jeff arrived on time, diagnosised the problem, explained it to me and the cost to fix the problem, fixed the problem and the cost was the same cost they told me when they explained it to me. Thanks! Mr. A.H., Chesapeake

5/8/13-I have been a customer for 6 years. You always call me to remind me to set up my precision tune ups on my heat pump systems and when I need a service call you always get to me in a timely fashion. Thank You for making my choice for heating and cooling easy by choosing All Seasons. Ms. K.M., Chesapeake

4/22/13-I have used your company for years-Keep Up The Good Work! Mr. P., Virginia Beach

4/25/13-Every visit is very professional. Ms. D, Norfolk

03/27/13-We thought Jeremy was very professional. We highly recommend him to our friends. Mr. and Mrs. S., Chesapeake

3/26/13-I tell people to call you guys. Ms. P., Virginia Beach

3/23/13-We are very pleased with Jeremy and his servicing on our unit. A job very well done. Mr. S., Chesapeake

03/23/13-Jeremy was our technician today for our precision tune up. He was great! Please send him back!!! Mrs. M., Virginia Beach

2/21/13-Good Job. Appreciate all you do! Mr. D., Virginia Beach

2/8/13-Jeremy's a very nice young man. Ms. G., Chesapeake

2/8/13-Jeremy is very thorough. Ms. H., Chesapeake

01/17/13-We were very pleased with all parts of Mike’s work and presentation. We also discussed expectations for future replacement of our HVAC system which is almost 12 years old. P.S. Our dogs never even barked when they met John. Mr. and Mrs. M. J., Chesapeake

01/17/13 - The technician provided lots of good information about heating and cooling systems. Very helpful!
Ms. R.S., Norfolk

01/16/13-Keep up the good work Mike! Mr. J.W., Virginia Beach

01/14/13 - Keep up the good work! Mr. F.A., Virginia Beach

01/14/13-Tech was professional and found “the problem” saving me over $2,200.00 that was quoted by a local competitor. You will always get my business! Mr. P, Chesapeake

01/07/13-Mike is knowledgeable and efficient. Good Job! Mrs. S.W., Virginia Beach

01/05/13-Thank you for coming out late on a Saturday night to get my mother's furnace working. Mike was so understanding and thorough. Ms. M.J., Virginia Beach

01/04/13 - Mike did a darn good job! He's a winner! Mrs. C.S., Chesapeake

01/03/13-Thank you for your prompt and courteous attention to details. Mr. G.T., Virginia Beach

01/02/13 - Your technicians are always courteous and efficient. - Mrs. A.G., Virginia Beach

12/31/12 - Excellent service! You deliver exactly as promised!- Mr. M.M., Chesapeake

12/28/12 - Professional services as usual. - Mr. H.B., Virginia Beach

12/28/12 - Bravo Zulu for a job well done - always! Mr. B.A., Virginia Beach

12/18/12 - Thank goodness for All Seasons! - Ms. K.M., Chesapeake

12/17/12 - Good Service! - Mrs. V.F., Virginia Beach

12/14/12 - Mike is kind and courteous. - Mrs. S.M., Virginia Beach

12/13/12 - We were very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and with Mike's knowledge.- Mr. S.S., Chesapeake

12/13/12 - Very informative and nice to work with. Always on time and called before shows. - Mrs. P.M., Chesapeake

12/11/12 - I have had this service for years and would never change. You always do excellent work and are always polite. - Ms. N.F., Virginia Beach

12/10/12 - Thanks for the speedy response especially since I had no heat! - Ms. W.I., Virginia Beach

12/10/12 - Great overall service. Very knowledgeable employees and very professional. - Mr. S.Y., Virginia Beach

12/7/12-Happy with all aspects! - Mr. B.O., Virginia Beach

12/3/12-The technician was great! He even spoke with my landscape manager, by phone and explained the damage that had been done to the wiring! - Mr. R.P., Virginia Beach

11/30/12-In today's time when many employees are content to do the bare minimum it is nice to do business with a company that has technicians that are dedicated to doing a great job. Mr. J, Virginia Beach

11/17/12-Charley performed the precision tune up on my rental property and the tenants called to inform me that the experience with your technician was very pleasant and that he was very professional. Charley even took before and after pictures and had the office send them to me to show me how dirty the coil was. Thank you for taking the time to not just do your job but go the extra step and show the difference in before in after pictures of the precision tune up. I was amazed at the difference. Ms. R., Chesapeake

11/08/12-Your technicians arrive in a timely manner and always are so informative. Mrs. V., Chesapeake

11/7/12-Charley and Roger arrived at 8:30 a.m. this morning to install my new system. They worked very hard all day long and was cautious not to make a mess and constantly cleaning up after themselves. They made sure I had no questions once the system was installed and working. I couldn't have asked for an easier process with the All Seasons technicians. I switched to All Seasons many years ago and this just shows me over and over that I made the right choice. I could not have asked for more professional and courteous people in my home. Mrs. U., Virginia Beach

11/5/12-I called your answering service at 9:30 at night because I thought I was having problems with my heatpump system. Charley returned my call within 5 minutes. I am a new homeowner and have never had a heatpump. I explained what was going on and he informed me that the heatpump was in defrost and it is normal. He shared his knowledge about heatpumps and how they work and then the next morning their office called to make sure I didn't have anymore questions or concerns. I am new to the area and a new homeowner and they are and will be my first call for all my heating and cooling problems. Ms. D., Virginia Beach

11/3/12-Your technicians are a pleasure to see. They are always professional and polite and before they step into the house they but their booties on. Ms. A., Virginia Beach

10/26/12-Charley was an absolute delight, very polite and kind. Thank you for a great job Charley. Ms. B., Virginia Beach

10/25/12-Thank You for doing your job accurately and thoroughly and being prompt. Dr. B., Chesapeake

10/25/12-Charley was here to do our semi-annual maintenance on our heat pump system and after he was finished informed us about a rebate we could receive from Dominion Virginia Power for having maintenance performed on it. He quickly filled out the paperwork for us and they are even going to submit it on our behalf. This is why we renew our maintenance with All Seasons. They look at for our best interest. Mr. and Mrs. W., Norfolk

10/24/12-Charley arrived on time. He started performing our routine maintenance on our system and found that when we went to turn on our system we would not have heat because a part had failed. He quickly found the problem and solved it. To think all this before we are even ready to turn the heat in our home and now when we turn our heat on we will not have the inconvience of it not working. Mr. and Mrs. B., Virginia Beach

10/23/12-Charley was on time and called to let us know he would be arriving so that we could put our dogs away. Ms. D., Virginia Beach

10/22/12-Charley and Roger were very friendly and thorough performing our precision tune up today. They also informed us on how to receive a rebate from Dominion Virginia Power for having our heat pump system maintenance done. Mr. and Mrs. K., Norfolk

10/18/12-All Seasons employees are always friendly. They always call ahead and let me know when the technician will arrive. Thanks. Mr. Dixon, Virginia Beach

10/17/12-Charley and Roger were very thorough and informative while they performed the precision tune up on my furnace. Mr. E, Virginia Beach

10/12/12-I was referred to All Seasons by a friend. Thank you! You lived up to the reputation that my friend had mentioned. From the first time I called, to scheduling my appointment, to the day before the appointment when you called to remind me, and right before the technician arrived you informed me of his arrival. Then when the technician arrived he was just a courteous and friendly as your office. Now I recommend All Seasons a long with my friend. Mr. P. Chesapeake

09/19/12-I appreciate being given a specific appointment time rather than a 4-5 hour window like so many companies do. Thank you! Ms. Palmer, Virginia Beach

09/12/12-Charley found a leak in my cooling system. Explained the damage that the leak is doing and could do and explained all my available options to fix the problem. I had the leak in my system repaired. The system appears to be working like a brand new system and it went an entire cooling season and I did not have to add refrigerant to it. In the past two years I have had other companies come out and all they did was add refrigerant to the system and tell me I had a leak. I appreciate the time and thoroughness of Charley. Mr. G., Virginia Beach

08/24/12-My ac stopped working. I called All Seasons after searching for a local company through google. From the moment I called until present day each and everytime I call they are very attentive to my needs and helpful. I called for a service call but I have become a lifelong customer now and recommend them to all my friends and family. Mr. Sutherlind, Virginia Beach

08/17/12-My system stopped cooling and I called All Seasons and they scheduled me and arrived at the time they promised. Actually, they were early and called and asked if it would be okay if they arrived earlier than their scheduled time. The technician took the time to listen to my problem and then quickly diagnosised the problem and fixed it. Thank You. Ms. Bunce, Virginia Beach

08/13/12-I use All Seasons for my home and rental property. They are always professional with me and also my tenants. My tenant had a cooling issue and they got the system back up and running and running the same day. They are very thorough and explain everything before they perform the repair. Thanks for a great job. Ms. Russell, Virginia Beach

08/06/12-Very professional and friendly. Ms. Winkes, Virginia Beach

08/02/12-When we returned home from a trip to Ohio our upstairs air conditioner did not work. We immediately called All Seasons and they were out there the next morning to fix the unit. We are happy with the good customer service. Mr. and Mrs. K.-Chesapeake

07/30/12-I had to reschedule my appointment twice due to scheduling conflicts but the stafff was understanding and worked with my schedule. When the technician arrived he was professional and friendly. He but shoe covers on before entering my home and even wrote down instructions on how to use my programmable thermostat that I always have issues reprogramming. I can not say enough about the employees at All Seasons. Ms. Snyder, Chesapeake

07/25/12-All of your employees are courteous and have been very helpful with my questions and needs. Very professional. Mr. Reid, Chesapeake

07/23/12-Raphael Charley was pleasant and explained what he was going to do, he was on time, and very neat. All of the employees at All Seasons are pleasant to work with and very helpful. Ms. Johnson, Chesapeake

07/18/12-The Guys were very polite, hard working and very knowledgeable of the new York System that we had installed. We love it. Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, Chesapeake

4/19/12-Eric and Tyler are great. Always so professional and respectful. It is a pleasure to have All Seasons service my needs. You are always on time and thorough. When you leave I always know what was done and why it was done. Mr. Thompson, Virginia Beach

4/18/12-Everyone at All Seasons is great. Thanks. Mr. and Mrs. Spurill, Virginia Beach

4/12/12-I started using your company in July 2011. Eric has been a wealth of knowledge and very thorough with his job. I recently had some ductwork completed on my rental property. I was astounded when the tenant (who is a handyman) let me know how professional and neat Tyler and Eric were. Not only did they do the job they said they were going to do but they made sure that the comfort level was increased. The tenenat couldn't believe what a differnece the work they did to his comfort level. My tenant actually thanked me for being his landlord and improving his comfort level after Tyler and Eric left. Thank you for doing and exceptional job. Your new life-long customer. Ms. G, Chesapeake

4/10/12-I was sitting at the computer this afternoon and thought I would run the numbers on my Carrier dual fuel system that you installed back in January 2008. Not only does the system do a great job of keeping the house comfortable, my utility bill savings have averaged around $20 a month (that's not including rate increases, so my average savings are even better)! Not many items you buy pay for themselves over time, but you guided me in the right direction and this has been a great investment. Mr. Utt, Chesapeake

4/9/12-Eric is always on time and calls when he is on his way. I enjoy the promptness and continued professionalism. This is why I don't even bother calling someone else. Ms. Guzman, Virginia Beach

1/10/12-The service is Great! I recommend All Seasons to my friends. Ms. Gaston, Chesapeake

1/3/12- The whole All Seasons Team is always very pleasant to work with. Mr. Propster, Chesapeake

12/15/11- Eric was great. Job well done. Ms. S.O., Chesapeake

11/10/11-Eric is a nice young man and always helpful. Ms. A.W., Virginia Beach

10/3/11-As always Eric was very professional and very informative. I met Nelson for the first time and he is going to be an outstanding technician and employee just as Eric is. Mr. D.E., Virginia Beach

9/28/11- Thank you so much your technicians are great! Mr. and Mrs. R.B., Virginia Beach



Mrs. K.K. of Virginia Beach says:

"Everytime one of your technicians are here they listen to my concerns and provide very helpful information."



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